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Angel Do
    In the last thirteen years, thousands of visitors to the Silver Dollar City amusement park in the Missouri Ozarks have left with their hair styled in an Angel Do.  Most had never seen the Angel Do before and were fascinated by it.  
The Angel Do is definitely an attention grabber.  Everyone wants to know how it is done.  It looks so easy  when the girls at Silver Dollar City are putting in the halos.  It is once one understands the principles and practices the weave for a while.  Many professional hairdressers watch for hours, think they have it down, go home and quickly discover how many ways there are to mess it up.  "Dos for the Twos", the Angel Do instructional video takes you through the process step by step explaining what is being done and why.  It is used to train the girls at Silver Dollar City.  
The different look is not the only benefit.  You don't have to worry about brushing while it is in.  With the hair off the neck, it is cooler on hot, humid summer days.  It can be worn while swimming.  The halo can be left in for days, shampooing without letting the hair down.  The halo distributes the weight of the hair so that many people who suffer headaches from a bun do not have them with the Angel Do.
The halos are made in only two sizes, regular and mini.  Originally we offered three sizes thinking it was necessary to provide a child size and an adult size, but we soon realized that one middle size worked well for everyone.  The mini halo is used for special hairdos like the "Princess Leia" look.  
We are currently offering the halos in these colors:  white, black, tan, red, pink, dark pink, orange, yellow, lime, blue, light blue, turquoise, purple, and violet.

    All halos, regular or mini sell for $10.00 each.  We will send one free halo with each order of "Dos for the Twos" for $30.00. 
Click this link to purchase them from our store.  www.shop.angeldo.com
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